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**The OOBD Book** Download as [[epub|eBook]] \\ Download as [[|PDF / Mobi]] * [[start|Documentation]] * Installation * [[startup_javame|OOBD-ME (Mobile Phones)]] * [[startup_android|OOBD-Android]] * [[startup_windows|Windows OOBDesk]] * [[startup_embedded|Raspi & Co]] * [[startup_usage|Start the programs]] * [[startup_oobdscript|First Success: Run the OOBD script]] * [[lua_start|Lua in OOBD]] * [[tools_quickscript|Click your Script: Quick Script]] * [[lua_make-your-own-scripts|Make your own OOBD Scripts]] * [[lua_tutorial|The OOBD Lua Tutorial]] * [[lua_make|Lua Build Enviroment]] * Web UI * [[:de:doc:webui_tutorial|Web User Interface Tutorial(German)]] * [[webui_guide|Web UI Package structure]] * [[:de:doc:webui_simulator|UI Emulator for development(German)]] * [[hw_start|The OOBD Hardware]] * [[hw_quickstart|OOBD Cup Quick Start]] * [[hw_assembly-cupv5|Build your own Dongle]] * [[hw_busswitch|Add a second Bus to DXM]] * [[hw_bootloader|Flash the Bootloader]] * [[hw_firmware|Flash the Firmware]] * [[hw_flash-from-usb-stick|Flash the Firmware from USB-Stick]] * [[hw_commands|The Firmware Commands]] * [[tools_start|The OOBD Utilities]] * [[tools_kadaver|Kadaver]] * [[tools_quickscript|Quick Script]] * [[tools_cortex-crc32|Cortex-CRC32]] * [[tools_filelist|Filelist]] * [[tools_olp|OLP]] * [[tools_oobdcopyshop|OOBDCopyShop]] * [[tools_oobdtemple|oobdtemple]] * [[tools_oodbcreate|OODBCreate]] * [[tools_opendiagx|OpenDiagX]] * [[tools_oobdcmd|OOBDcmd]] * [[tools_oobdflash|OOBDFlash]] * PGP * [[pgp_setup|Install PGP Keys]] * [[dev_start|Development]] * [[dev_googlesetup|Join the News]] * Setup your Developer Environment * [[dev_cygwininstall|CygWin Environment]] * [[dev_setupswing|Java Swing]] * [[dev_setupme|Java ME]] * [[dev_setupandroid|Android]] * [[dev_androidlivecd|The Android Debug Live CD]] * [[dev_setupfirmware|Firmware]] * [[dev_clientdesignguide|User Interface Design Guide]] * [[dev_systemspec|The OOBD System Spec]] * [[dev_readotherformats|Import XML files]] * [[dev_links|Link Collection]] * [[dev_roadmap|Road Map]] * [[rfc_start|Specifications (RFC)]] * [[rfc_firmware_syntax|OOBD Firmware: General Command Syntax]] * [[rfc_canuds-mode|OOBD Firmware: Protocol : UDS (P 6 ..)]] * [[rfc_canraw-mode|OOBD Firmware: Protocol : CANraw (P 6 ..)]] * [[rfc_rtd-real-time-data-protocol-for-the-oobd-firmware|OOBD Firmware: Protocol : Real Time Data (RTD) (P 6 ..)]] * [[rfc_pgp-encrypting-sensible-data-with-pgp|PGP Principle]] * [[rfc_onion|The ONION Message Format]] * [[faq|Frequently Asked Questions]]


====== OOBDesk Windows Installation ====== {{ :pics:oobdesk-diagnosewindow2.png?w=400 }} The Windows Installation works quite forward: * Download the Windows installer from the [[|OOBD Google Drive]] * Run the Installer ===== Important: For PGP support update your Java Runtime Environment (JRE)! ===== Because of export restrictions, the normal Java Runtime Environment contains only limited support for kryptography, but to use PGP with OOBD, you will need to have to have the full version. Please follow the instruction on the [[|Oracle JRE 6 Download Page]] or [[|Oracle JRE 7 Download Page]] to update your installation. Please make sure that you choose the correct version which fits to your JRE installation. If you won't do so, you'll get error messages when trying to use PGP in OOBD! After successfully installation, please continue in [[startup_usage|how to use OOBD]] Important: Because of an actual software bug, close the program after doing the first initial settings and restart it to let the settings take place. That's only necessary for the initial setup, but not during later changes anymore. ==== Setup OOBDesk to run with Java Portable 1.8 (JPortable) ==== If you don't want to modify your existing Java installation or if you don't have the nessary access rights on your maschine, you can use a portable version of Java instead. This version does already include the necessary modifications and is for OOBD only, so it does not modify any other Java installation (hopefully.. :-) ). After installing OOBDesk itself, * Go to the [[|OOBD Google Drive Software Folder]] * Download and Install Java18_portable_unlimited_policy.exe After doing that, you'll find the additional Start command "OOBDesk (Java Portable)" in the Windows Start menu. When choosing that, OOBDesk is started with the portable Java version.

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