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How to flash an OOBD CAN Invaders with new OOBD-Firmware

To update your dongle with the latest actual firmware, the easiest way is to use the OOBDFlash program.

Only in case you want to flash other firmware files, here's the manual way to do so:

start HyperTerminal

configure Hyperterminal as: 115200 bit/s, 8N1, no flow control

After connect a input- prompt appears when you hit <RETURN> , with the command p 0 0 the firmware level will be displayed (is also used for checking the connection)

>p 0 0
OOBD D2 192

With the command p 0 99 2 the CAN-Invader will be set back, after that you will have a timeframe of 500 ms, in that you will force the CAN-Invader, with reiterated pressing of the “f”- key after booting, to jump into the bootloader.

>p 0 99 2

Press the „1“- key in the bootloader startscreen to start the firmware download („C“ character of the Y-Modem protocol will appear)

Select menue entry „transmission ⇒ send file“ and select firmware (*.bin) ⇒ select protocol Ymodem

Ymodem download running

download finished, firmware starts automatically or with key „3“

After the reset the firmware starts and shows the actual version (here: SVN Build 133)

Switching the interfacespeed – BTM222

This step is necessary to set the UART speed between DXM1 and BTM222 to the default of 115200Bit/s. Because the BTM222 is delivered with an default interface speed of 19200Bit/s (= atl2), this value has to be changed with the command „atl5<CR>“.

For that you have to connect direct the Rx/Tx-joint of the BTM222 on the DXM-Bluetooth with the terminalprogramm (Setting: 19200Bit/s, 8N1) and a appropriate 3,3V capable serial interface (z.B. MAX3232).

With „atl?“ you can readout the actual setting. Here you should see a value beteen 0 and 7. Please take into account that the interface speed of the BTM222 is configurable:

0 4800
1 9600
2 19200 (Default)
3 38400
4 57600
5 115200
6 230400
7 460800

If after „atl?“ nothing sensefull should be responded, you have to test the interface speed settings above until you see after the command „atl?“ a number (= configured interface speed) and OK.

Important :

After „atl5“ ,which is shown here, the succesfull change of the setting will be confirmed.

After that the BTM222 is set to 115200Bit/s. If you want to configure more you have to change the terminalprogramm first.

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