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Welcome to OOBD

What is OOBD?

OOBD (Open On Board Diagnostics) is not a single hardcoded diagnostic application, its a runtime environment instead which gives you the flexibility to implement your own ideas, needs and wants. By supporting the hardware connectivity, diagnostic software library and a powerful User interface, you can fully focus on your problem without re-inventing the wheel again and again.

All your results (diagnostic functionality and user interface layout) can be packed into one single container file and shared and distributed and executed on both Desktop machines and Android mobiles.

Rest in Peace, OOBD...

Over the years the market was flooded with OBD dongles and Diagnostics apps, many key developers moved to other places, so OOBD lost its meaning, so this project is not alive anymore. But its main concept of creating diagnostic applications out of flexible scripts has been armended, modernized and taken over into the Labdash project, which is using the full power of python instead of just Lua and the full graphic capability of a web browser instead of just the simple table view of the old OOBD.


To download, install, setup and run the software, please follow the instructions for Android or Windows.

For all documents, please use the links Sitemap and Manual provided in the header of each page.


As the feature list became to long for the main page, we moved it to the separate Feature page.

Own Hardware - The CAN-Invader

Although the build plans are available in the OOBD repository, we did recommend to better buy a completely build & tested CAN invader device at our partner


It was found that there's a lot of experience and time needed to collect all parts and to solder the dongle by yourself. Especially for commercial applications it's more effective to directly order the complete units.


Our Partners & Sponsors

Jatra as our partner in produce and distribute the CAN Invader

We also would like to thank our sponsors to support the OOBD idea: HellermannTyton

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