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Compiling OOBD-ME

OOBD-ME is a Netbeans project, so you'll need at least Netbeans ;-)

You'll also need

  • Ant
  • Kahlua as the LUA virtual maschine
  • and LWUIT as the “windows manager”

In Netbeans, you need to have the “Mobility” and the “Mobility End to End” Plugin (under “Tools/plugins”) and the Java ME SDK (or Wireless toolkit 2.5.2).

In case the Java ME SDK is not included in your Netbeans Installation pack, you've to install the Java ME SDK seperately and add it afterwards to your Netbeans environment under “Extras/Platforms../Add Platform” or “Refresh” in case you update your SDK.

Download and extract the LWUIT archive, Kahlua comes later

  • checkout the source from (this should also checkout the kahlua sources, as it is linked into this repository)
  • in the checked out directories there's one directory calling Kalua. From a terminal window, run “ant” in that directory to generate the kahlua.jar package
  • Somewhere in the Kahlua package, there's a file called stdlib.lbc. Copy it into the “res”- Folder in the checkout tree
  • When you load the project into Netbeans, Netbeans will moan about “broken references”. Correct this by point the references to the kahlua.jar and lwuit.jar files somewhere in the extracted directories
  • Under the Netbeans OOBD-ME project properties in Application descriptor/Midlets, correct the following entries to
    • Midlet-Name: OOBD-ME
    • Midlet-icon /oobd_small.PNG

Now you should be able to build and run the program either in the emulator or on your mobile phone

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