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OOBD-ME: The OOBD Mobile Edition

(Attention: Because of the big price decrease of android phones, the JavaME version is not anymore in active development. This page is kept for history reason only)

OOBD-ME allows on Java enabled mobile phones to hide complex communication with a Bluetooth device behind a simple user interface. All the menus and functions are not static, they are fully programmable instead through an build-in Lua interpreter.

So to add new functionality, you don't need another program, you just have to load another script :-)


Just copy the OOBD-ME.jar file onto your mobile phone as executable java- program. How this works is different for each mobile, so please follow the instruction in your user manual. If it's not described there: Good luck… ;-)


The main form offers three menu commands:


The following settings can be made and will automatically be saved automatically (except the blind mode), until you going to re-install the program.

  • Bluetooth Device: This starts a bluetooth device discovery search, after which you can select your device. Please be patient, as this search can take a while..
  • OOBD Lua Script: Here you can select the OOBD Lua file, which contains the menus and functionality. If you don't choose your own file, the build in default will be used.
  • Blind Mode: This is only for testing purposes, as it overwrites the Bluetooth connection sequence and you can start the script menu also without beeing connected to a OBD device (which makes, as said, only sense for testing). This setting is not stored, so the blind mode is always “off” at program start.


This will load the script menu after trying to connect to the Bluetooth device.


Guess what this is…

Requests & Bug reports

If you would like to report a bug, please use the OOBD Bugtracker

The Script Menu

As said, the interface is fully programmable. The available functions are shown as a list and simple called just by selecting the list entry. Depending on the actual functionality of the loaded program this starts e.g. a request to the Bluetooth device or opens another Menu.

Write your own scripts

as you can see in the OOBD.lua sample, the programming itself is quite straightforward. You do not need to know how to do Bluetooth communication on a mobile phone, this is all done by OOBD-ME itself, you can focus on the data exchange itself.

To write your own scripts, please follow the instruction in the Lua Programming section.

Transfer the resulting <myprogram>.lbc on your mobile and select it in the Config.

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