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Specifications (OOBD-RFCs)

To enable inter-connectivity between the different functionalities of the OOBD tool set, all relevant mechanisms and data structures shall be discussed and then specified as OOBD- RFCs. As RFCs proved them-self in the last decades as well working principle, OOBD-RFC should follow the same rules as described in RFC 2223 in regards of structure, layout and content. Only all item regarding page layout will not be applied, as the OOBD-RFCs will normally be web documents, but no single page printouts.

Release Process

  1. According to the original RFCs, OOBD-RFCs will follow the same states of discussion and implementation (releasing)
  2. Informational / Experimental: Hint, idea, message to the community / experimental implementation; first level of a potential standard
  3. Proposed Standard: Definition finished, waiting for agreement from the OOBD community
  4. Draft Standard: Implementation phase, final tuning
  5. Standard: Implemented, content frozen
  6. Historic – not used anymore
  7. Placeholder - not written yet


Nr Title Status
1 The OOBD Development Process Placeholder
2 Lock the OOBD Dongle with a software key against unauthorized use (steal protection) Placeholder
3 Embedding multiple files in one Placeholder
4 Encrypting sensible data with PGP Draft Standard
5 OOBD Firmware: General Command Syntax Standard
6 OOBD Firmware: System : Application Specific Commands (P 0 ..) for D2 (STM32) Placeholder
7 OOBD Firmware: System : Generic Commands (P 1 ..) Placeholder
8 OOBD Firmware: Serial In : Application Specific Commands(P 2 ..) Placeholder
9 OOBD Firmware: Serial In : Generic Commands (P 3 ..) Placeholder
10 OOBD Firmware: Serial Out : Application Specific Commands (P 4 ..) Placeholder
11 OOBD Firmware: Serial Out : Generic Commands (P 5 ..) Placeholder
12 OOBD Firmware: Protocol : UDS (P 6 ..) Placeholder
12a OOBD Firmware: Protocol : CANraw (P 6 ..) Draft Standard
12b OOBD Firmware: Protocol : Real Time Data (RTD) (P 6 ..) Draft Standard
12c OOBD Firmware: Protocol : Generic Commands (P 7 ..) Placeholder
13 OOBD Firmware: Bus : Specific Commands (P 8 ..) Placeholder
14 OOBD Firmware: Bus : Generic Commands (P 9 ..) Placeholder
15 The Onion Message Format Standard
16 OOBD File (Script) Sharing Protocol Experimental
17 Kadaver - Remote Dongle Connectivity Draft Standard
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