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OOBD Cup Quick Start Guide

To get the dongle to work, here some brief instructions

Under windows: Pair the Bluetooth dongle (which BT ID is “Serail Adaptor”) as Serial com port and connect a terminal program to it

After power on the dongle is set to Module ID 0xDF and 500k/11b CAN bus in passive mode

To make the CAN bus active, type

>p 5 3

Now the dongle should be able to communicate with the PCM with the standarized public OBD commands (

Send e.g.


to request a list of supported PCM values

When something is answered, then the bus and the hardware is ok (and also the OOBD apps should be able to talk to the vehice with the public supplied script oobd.lbc)

That's already the public part of the software.

To do all the OEM specific stuff, you would need to set the correct module ID (& maybe the answer address too), timeouts and whatever is different to the build in defaults with the appropiate p - commands, and then you can send any request by just typing the byte sequence as hexadecimal string


which is then send to the previously configured module address.

Any response from the module would be than also returned as hex string on the console.

Don't be surprised when you try to correct any inputs in the terminal console: The dongle does NOT have any command line editor function, so you can not correct any inputs with backspace, del or the cursor keys. Just enter Return to send the faulty line, ignore the errors and type again.

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