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OOBD Dongle now available as commercial product: The CAN Invader

All over the last year, whenever we had been asked, we always stated, the OOBD hardware will be available “soon”

But again we have found that it makes a difference to solder just a few handmade samples in opposite to set up a real production line, so finally it tooks the whole year to be ready.

But now thanks to our cooperation with VenoTec the OOBD dongle, the so called CAN Invader, is now procuced by VenoTec, available on stock and can be ordered on 8-)

So what's makes the CAN Invader so different?

  • It handles the whole real time can bus data exchange by itself. Your application does not need to catch all single frames by itself, the CAN invader collects the data and let your application pick up the data
  • It has enough memory to send and receive full length UDS telegrams with 4095 bytes of data
  • It has a unique mode called Real Time Data (RTD), which lets the invader listen and buffering selected can bus messages, which the applications than can read out by request- but without the need of listening on the bus by itself in real time.
  • To simulate values, switches, events etc on the bus, the CAN Invader allows in its “Inject” mode to send complete can frame sequences, just limited by the size of the send buffer (4kByte)
  • Together with the OOBD application for Windows and Android, all these functionality can be put into lua scripts, who can be collected and shared like any other file. So instead of typing endless command sequences into a terminal again and again, just write it once as script and let it run.
  • In-field updateable via bluetooth.

Last not least everything around OOBD (the CAN Invader firmware, the apps, the tools) is OpenSource, so it can be reviewed and re-used

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