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2013-05-19 PGP Encryption, Bus Quality & Real Time Data

These are the new features of OOBD released today:

  • Real Time Data: Thanks to an clever concept it's now possible to listen to real time bus traffic without the need of high speed data link to the application device
  • PGP Encryption: OOBD for Android contains now a strong pgpg encryption to protect proprietary data
  • Bus Quality: The firmware now also records CAN Error frames, so the physical bus quality can be measured easily

The details

Real Time Data

The application first request the CAN-IDs to be monitored. The dongle than starts to record each telegram, also custom and ISO-TP multiframes. On request from the application, the dongle reports the last received telegram back. By that no high speed data link is needed, it can go all smoothy over a normal bluetooth link (RTD (Real Time Data) Protocol for the OOBD Firmware)

PGP Encryption

OOBD script and data files can now be protected with PGP. Through an unique two level encryption system and automated build system the rights for the different scripts can be handled independent from the user management, which allows easy maintenance and key handling for big user groups (Encrypting sensible data with PGP)

Bus Quality

Not so much to say in further details about this:The firmware now also records CAN Error frames and reports this on request to the application (The OOBD Firmware Syntax)

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