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 +====== Marketplace ======
 +Just in case you want to have something with the beautyful OOBD- logo on it, you can go to [[http://​www.spreadshirt.de|Spreadshirt.de]] and search for the design "​oobd"​. That you can place on your choosen product - Enjoy ;-)
 +As an example we've prepared already a cup
 +<a href="​http://​www.spreadshirt.de/​oobd-tassen-C4408A16215310/​color/​1/"​ target="​_blank">​
 +<img src="​http://​image.spreadshirt.net/​image-server/​image/​product/​23139727/​view/​1/​type/​png/​width/​130/​height/​130"​ width="​130"​ height="​130"​ alt=""​ /></​a><​br/>​
 +<a href="​www.spreadshirt.de"​ target="​_blank">​Spreadshirt</​a><​br/>​
 +<a href="​http://​www.spreadshirt.de/​oobd-tassen-C4408A16215310/​color/​1/"​ target="​_blank">​The OOBD Cup</​a>​