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-====== OOBD Documentation ​======+====== ​The OOBD Book ======
-This chapter covers the "normal" ​user manuals ​-everything about OOBD development can be found in the [[:​dev:​start|development section]]+FIXME The documentation is, to be honest, ​"just a little bit" ​messy. We are still working on joining the different document source together, clean them up, sort and translate themso work in progress...
-After downloading,​ how to get the software to work: 
-  * [[javame|The OOBD JavaME User Manual]] 
-  * [[android|The OOBDAndroid User Manual]] 
-  * [[javaswing|The OOBD Java Swing User Manual]] (For Windows, OSX & Linux) 
-When you want to write your own functions in OOBD: 
-   * [[:​doc:​lua:​start|How Lua works inside OOBD]] 
-   * [[:​doc:​lua:​tutorial| How to write own functions: The OOBD Lua Tutorial]] 
-Tips & Tricks: 
-  * [[:​doc:​tools|the OOBD Utilities]] 
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